J Clement Wall, Illustrator | Letterer | Love Warrior

Hello, I'm J, an illustrator and lettering artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. I specialize in fun, whimsical art that celebrates life, and hopefully makes you smile. I like to say that my art is fueled by love; I definitely believe that love lies at the center of every truly meaningful thing I do. When I'm not arting, I like to hike, bike, play with friends and family, and spend quality time with my dog.


I love to work with like-hearted creatives, clients, and publishers, making art that is both purposeful and celebratory. If you think we'd be a good fit, let's talk. I'm excited to hear your ideas!

Like what I do? Join me on Ko-fi, where I share brand new coloring pages, works in progress, downloadable art, fun printables, and whatever else pops into my mind.