Music to juggle by

I’m so psyched to have been interviewed by Mitch Bowler of Pencil Kings as part of their fantastic Artist Interviews podcast. Mitch and I started emailing while I was taking the Pencil Kings 30-day Figure Drawing class. One thing led to another in that way that one things often do, and he invited me to be on the podcast. I admit that, in my head, I went through several stages of “no, I’m not worthy” before I boldy replied “yes, absolutely.” (And by boldly, I mean doubtfully and with grave reservations.) I’m so glad I didn’t let fear make my decision.… Read more
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The place I want to get back to

A few evenings ago, as Chad and I were walking Lexi, I was talking about how lucky I am. I’d started out talking about this incredible encounter that took place at the Sausalito Art Festival last weekend, where I was on the receiving end of an astonishing act of generosity and grace, but as the walk continued into its second mile, I’d begun to wax poetic about my luck more generally.… Read more
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Behind the scenes of this post

So, today’s post was supposed to be about love and how wonderful it would be if we’d all just fall in love with the people who fall in love with us, and how even more wonderful it would be if we could manage to fall for the people who love us at the same time they’re falling for us… And then I re-watched an interview with Debbie Millman in which she talks about success and how it looks different if you’re a Fortune 500 company, versus, say, an artist.… Read more
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The unchangeable past

Several weeks ago, I read “25 Things People in Healthy Relationships Don’t Do.” The whole post is good, especially if you’re struggling with a relationship, but the sentence I illustrated for this post has stayed with me all these weeks, poetic, profound, and true. Here’s the whole quote: “[People in healthy relationships] don’t focus on the unchangeable past. Sometimes happiness in relationships amounts to making peace with something that can’t be fixed. … Read more
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It’s (not) complicated

I’m writing this post on Day 24 of my 30-Day Art Challenge. On the one hand, I’ve loved this challenge. Ever since my octopus, it’s been one doodly preoccupation after another. On the other hand, the challenge has made me feel under pressure every day to produce my own art (versus art I’ve promised and/or been paid to do), whether or not that was the right place for me to focus my energy.… Read more
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When an octopus grabs hold…

It is, as I type, Day 10 of my 30-day art challenge, and I’m having So. Much. Fun. My goal with this challenge was to engage with my art every day, preferably on a project I wasn’t being paid for and hadn’t promised to anyone because I was finding it harder and harder to make time for my own random, occasionally inadvisable, soul-filling art whims.… Read more
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Tomatoes, hedgehogs, and the stalker-y nature of a great idea

Recently, a friend invited me to participate in a “blog hop.” All I had to do was answer four questions and invite three other bloggers to do the same thing. Being all yes-tilting these days, I said I’d do it , and today’s the day. In the interest of full disclosure, let me just say that I am, in fact, breaking all the rules that were given to me… even though there were only two, and they were both completely reasonable.… Read more
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In the moment of creative suckitude

The thing about looking at a finished, beautiful piece of art (or reading a published story, or watching a play, or listening to a song on the radio) is that it’s finished. And beautiful. And most of the time, we don’t see how it got that way. Artists of all ilks talk about the creative process, and while sometimes it sounds a little messy, it also always sounds (when someone else is engaged in it) cool, energized, inspired, adventurous.… Read more
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A life full of YES

A couple of weeks ago, my 24-year-old niece (whom I adore) asked me if I would doodle her a tattoo. She told me what she wanted: a crescent moon and hanging from its top, her horoscope sign, which is Gemini. She gave me no specifications about style or size, didn’t mention if it would be in color, didn’t tell me where she planned to put it when she got it done.… Read more
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The magical little things

Things haven’t really settled down since my last post, which if you missed, you should go read because, nestled in all my usual profundity, I drew my mom in a grass skirt and me in chaps, and that’s not something you see every day (sadly, because we both look amazing). In fact, I’ve been waiting for things to “get back to normal,” and only today did it occur to me that we’re not likely getting back to anything.… Read more
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Me, in chaps

This is what my last two weeks have looked like: My mom fell and broke her hip. But then, the next day, they rebuilt her, made her better than she was before: better, stronger, faster. Okay, not really, but they did put a fancy pin in her hip. This is her surgeon’s (impressively doodly) whiteboard rendition: Meanwhile, one of my best friends, who I haven’t seen in person for four years, was flying out to visit all the way from New Jersey.… Read more
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