There’s a place inside you…

This month, one of my dearest friends invited me to participate in a full-moon fire ceremony. I said yes, not only because I love both her and fire ceremonies to pieces, but because I had been struggling with something for a long time, and I had just decided (literally the day before) that what I really needed to do was let go of it.… Read more

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Something in the air

I think there’s something in the air… besides spring. So many people have told me lately how they feel they are in the midst of heady transitions, the kind of internal tectonic shifts that ripple outwards, altering external landscapes in surprising and wonderful ways. I’ve definitely been feeling it myself lately, the tremors of change, the exhilaration of conscious forward motion.… Read more

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Love your (wild) self

This week, I figured out how to redirect my “shop” page to my Etsy store. Let’s pretend it was really hard and it took my special brand of single-minded diligence and technical wizardry to get the job done. Yay me!
There was, of course, a domino effect to my getting that to-do list item done. (Have you noticed? There’s always a domino effect!) I need to migrate my digital offerings to Etsy.… Read more

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A love letter to the fiercely optimistic

It’s not easy to be optimistic these days. If you’re awake, if you’re paying attention at all, it’s hard to find beauty in the midst of so much violence, ugliness, intolerance, and apathy. It’s hard to believe in the goodness of humanity when so much badness is on display. But some of you do, every day, and not by sticking your head in the sand.… Read more

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Embracing your mistakes… and then sometimes not

One thing that is really great about writing, especially if you write (as I do) using a computer, is the ease with which you can make changes and fix your mistakes. Cutting, pasting, deleting with the stroke of a few keys… to me, that’s the kind of wizardry Arthur C. Clarke was referencing when he said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
And if I didn’t appreciate it before, I certainly do now since I’ve taken up inking and painting.… Read more

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Obscure word doodle #5

This week’s obscure word is old and has fallen out of use, but I think we should bring it back, if only for the sake of our dogs. Their talent, as it turns out, has a name!

And, bonus! Here is the recipe for my favorite vegetarian burger, which I make all the time. It is totally grokable.
In case you missed it, I designed a line of hand-lettered birthday cards featuring famous people’s words on aging.… Read more

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Dreams like geese

I’m daring to believe
that my dreams
(especially the one that’s scary to say aloud
even as it squawks and honks and soars inside me
like some kind of crazed, wild goose)
are not only possible, but meant to be.
I’m daring to believe that it’s destiny -
all this commotion in my heart -
and that maybe squawking goose-like dreams
are the most likely dreams of all to come true.… Read more

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Me, the universe, and Javier Bardem

In September, I took Andrea Scher’s wonderful online class, Mondo Beyondo, which is all about dreaming BIG and then making your big dreams come true. I took it in part because the day after I subscribed to her blog, Andrea ran a sale, offering all her classes for about 60% off their original price. It seemed like a sign, so I enrolled, not knowing what to expect but knowing that  my dreams (and the way I think of myself as an artist) had changed dramatically over the past year.… Read more

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Where destiny lives

Usually, I feel pretty much in control of my life – for better or worse – but over the last six months or so, I’ve felt more at the mercy of circumstances beyond my control than is comfortable for me. By turns I’ve felt anxious, sad, overwhelmed, and disheartened, which isn’t normal. In fact, my normal emotional stasis point is pretty damn sunny to be honest, so this  stress and malaise caused by things I can’t fix is new and frustrating.… Read more

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The Creativity Interviews: Makeup Artist & Body Painter, Ren Allen

As part of my ongoing quest to explore what it means to live a creative life, I periodically invite kick ass creatives to come play with us on the blog.
Today’s episode:
Beauty, trust, vulnerability, and what happens when your canvas needs a potty break…
It’s such a pleasure for me to share this artist with you! The first time I ever saw Ren Allen’s face and body paintings, I was awestruck.… Read more

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Best costume ever?

I love Halloween because I love being spooked. I love jack-o-lanterns and zombies and trick-or-treaters. I love ghost stories and goosebumps, and I think bats are fantastical, skittering miracles of nature.
What I don’t like is dressing up.
I know that’s weird; dressing up is what the holiday’s all about. I’m not sure why it makes me uncomfortable but it always has, even as a kid.… Read more

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