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Join my 30-day self-love challenge!

Friends, you’re invited to join me on a 30-day self-love challenge, starting May 15, 2017! It’s free, and by signing up, you could win a signed copy of my illustrated creative journal, Find Your Awesome! (Update: Winners have been chosen… but don’t let that stop you! I have so much good planned. Come see!) Why do you need a self-love challenge?… Read more


Friends, I’m so incredibly excited and proud to announce that today is the official release date for my illustrated creative journal, FIND YOUR AWESOME! Check out my fun, animated book trailer, made possible by creative mastermind Dillon Wall. It includes illustrations and words taken right from the book. I poured my whole writerly, doodly, love-warrior-self into this book because I believe that if we could learn to love ourselves as ardently and sincerely as we love others, we could change the world.… Read more

In the moment of creative suckitude

The thing about looking at a finished, beautiful piece of art (or reading a published story, or watching a play, or listening to a song on the radio) is that it’s finished. And beautiful. And most of the time, we don’t see how it got that way. Artists of all ilks talk about the creative process, and while sometimes it sounds a little messy, it also always sounds (when someone else is engaged in it) cool, energized, inspired, adventurous.… Read more

Finding your creative groove

Every artist I know occasionally suffers from creative block. For me, it happens more with writing than anything else, sometimes even when I know exactly what I’m sitting down to write about. There are few things more frustrating than having the time and the energy, but no words… staring at a screen as blank as my mind. Well, blank except for the impatient blinking cursor (who only blinks because he lacks feet to tap, fingers to drum, eyes to roll…).… Read more

Coffee shop couple

More and more, I find myself wanting to work at the intersection of my two passions – writing and doodling. I’ve been playing in the sandbox a bit already, with my cards, Obscure Word Doodles and illustrated posts, but I’m feeling a need to push myself a little harder so I’m starting a new series on the blog called “Coffee Shop Moments.” For a while now, I’ve been posting on Facebook the really cool little moments that I often witness when I’m writing in coffee shops.… Read more

Obscure word doodle #3

My friend, Christie, shared with me today’s obscure word from the Facebook wall of Elizabeth Gilbert. The word is sitzfleisch, and I don’t know if it’s obscure so much as German, but I’d never heard it before, and I love it (and that might just be the unofficial criteria for making it into the Obscure Word Doodles project). Sitzfleish is actually the combination of two German words: sitzen (to sit) + Fleisch (flesh).… Read more

Obscure word doodle #2

These days, my favorite work keeps landing at the intersection of doodles and words. Not that this post was work. This was just plain fun. I love this word that I didn’t know existed until a couple of days ago when I stumbled upon it while reading. (Coincidentally, it rained that day and the petrichor was sweet.) I sometimes hear people complain that the English language falls short.… Read more

Interpreting crickets

I have trouble with silence. Even when I’m alone, I have a tendency to talk to myself, or hum, or sing. When I’m with somebody else, it’s even worse. Silence makes me nervous. It’s a mystery I can’t solve, a dark, calm surface under which there may quite possibly be monsters. The longer it stretches out, the more certain I become that the silence itself is the monster, and it must be slain.… Read more

Beyond dictionary definitions, knee-jerk reactions, and Facebook’s LIKE button

1. Not long ago, I wrote a post in defense of the word weird. In comments, most people agreed with me that weird isn’t necessarily a bad thing (though there was a bit of a push back on the other words I championed: earnest, nice, and namaste). Not long after that post, I got into a conversation with a friend about the word love.… Read more

Manifesto love: three manifestos for creatives

I love manifestos. I love the certainty of them, the optimism of writing out your aspirations as faits accomplis, the boldness of life plans deeply rooted in personal values. I’ve been collecting them for a while in a file called Badass Manifestos, and I’ve decided to start sharing them periodically as inspiration, reminders of what we can do when we simply decide to.… Read more

Not just any hearts

We were writing to confront what Faulkner called “the human heart in conflict with itself.” And not just any hearts. Our hearts. ~ Steve Almond ~~~~~ I’ve been walking around in a daze since releasing The Love Essays, humbled by the heartfelt, thoughtful responses and, honestly, a bit adrift now that the work is done. I miss them, the essays; I miss the work of them… and not for the reasons I thought I would.… Read more
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