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Join my 30-day self-love challenge!

Friends, you’re invited to join me on a 30-day self-love challenge, starting May 15, 2017! It’s free, and by signing up, you could win a signed copy of my illustrated creative journal, Find Your Awesome! (Update: Winners have been chosen… but don’t let that stop you! I have so much good planned. Come see!) Why do you need a self-love challenge?… Read more


Friends, I’m so incredibly excited and proud to announce that today is the official release date for my illustrated creative journal, FIND YOUR AWESOME! Check out my fun, animated book trailer, made possible by creative mastermind Dillon Wall. It includes illustrations and words taken right from the book. I poured my whole writerly, doodly, love-warrior-self into this book because I believe that if we could learn to love ourselves as ardently and sincerely as we love others, we could change the world.… Read more

Mom Love (illustrated, of course!)

Since my mom broke her hip last April, I’ve spent a lot of time with her. At first that was because she needed me while she convalesced, went to rehab, and figured out the ever-changing landscape of what she could and couldn’t do. Then it was to help get my father and her to their various appointments. Now life is more or less back to normal at my parents’ house, but I still go there almost every week, because I want to.… Read more

The magical little things

Things haven’t really settled down since my last post, which if you missed, you should go read because, nestled in all my usual profundity, I drew my mom in a grass skirt and me in chaps, and that’s not something you see every day (sadly, because we both look amazing). In fact, I’ve been waiting for things to “get back to normal,” and only today did it occur to me that we’re not likely getting back to anything.… Read more

Parts of a whole (revisited)

(Gorgeous Art by Pamela Carlson) Part 1 In August of 2011, I wrote about the heady experience of opening my great aunt’s 1922 diary for the first time. I was with my mother, who’d pulled the big, leather-bound journal out of a drawer where she’d been keeping it for years, and we marveled at our ability to read my aunt’s words nearly ninety years after she’d written them.… Read more

In this fragile sacred space

This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my youngest son, way back when he was still shorter than I was. This fall, he’ll be heading off to college. It’s weird to think of him so far away from me. I’m proud and sad and nervous and excited… for both of us, actually. We’re standing now, as we were in this picture (as we are every day, I guess), on the edge of the rest of our lives.… Read more

Parts of a Whole

1. Every other Tuesday, I have lunch with my mom. We take turns making the food, but we always meet at her house because her house has all the stuff, and that’s why we’re there. To go through the stuff. So far, we’ve been looking through envelopes of loose pictures. Some of the photos are labeled, but most aren’t. Some remind my mother of a specific time in her life, a certain house, a person, a story.… Read more

Big and Messy

A mother will sacrifice her own happiness in her life to ensure her children are well taken care of! ♥ I would make every sacrifice in the world for my children, They come first! ♥ They always have and always will (no matter how old they are!) ♥ Put this as your status if you’re a devoted mom who will always puts your ……children first :) I copied that from somebody’s status on Facebook.… Read more

Make Do With What You Have

It’s Monday and today’s “Beckoning The Lovely” post begins with a disclaimer. Last week I was more than a little distracted because my father had surgery. (He’ll be fine, don’t worry. He’s not the subject of this post. Mostly because he would hate to be the subject of this post. Or any post. Seriously. Don’t go there; you’ll get me in trouble.) So, anyway, I was distracted.… Read more
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