Out of laundry...

Make Peace

This is my favorite part of Mondays… beckoning the lovely on Zebra Sounds. This week’s assignment was to “make peace.” And so I did… all over the place. Out of laundry… Out of paperclips… Out of (homegrown!) cherry tomatoes… Out of rocks (lower right)… in the sand… (Gotta love the symbolism…) Out of… me! I had so much fun making peace, and I beckoned some extra lovely in the process… Okay, okay, I’ll stop!… Read more

Make It Up As You Go

This week’s “beckoning the lovely” goal: Make it up as you go. I decided on Friday that I would spend the day making it up as I go. I loaded my backpack up with possible activities – my laptop, my notebook, a set of jacks, earphones, coloring books, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo… I was prepared to be imaginative. But on my way out, I got derailed.… Read more

Make Music

Time to beckon the lovely. This week’s assignment: Make Music. Gotta admit, I was nervous about this one. (Although, seriously, I’ve been nervous about almost all of them!) As I’ve warned mentioned, I have little absolutely no musical talent. Despite years of piano lessons, I can’t play the piano, and I’m pretty sure my singing voice could be used as an effective part of any serious torture enhanced interrogation program.… Read more

Make Someone’s Day

So, it’s Monday, time to Beckon the Lovely at Zebra Sounds. But first… big news! Today marks the half way point on my list of lovely things. Here’s how it looks in list form (because you know I love lists and I’ve grown fond of strikethrough): Make a grand entrance Make a friend Make something pretty Kiss and make up (sort of) Make do with what I have Make someone‚Äôs day Make music Make it up as I go Make peace Make out Make a splash Make a movie Today, I’m sort of cheating.… Read more

Make Do With What You Have

It’s Monday and today’s “Beckoning The Lovely” post begins with a disclaimer. Last week I was more than a little distracted because my father had surgery. (He’ll be fine, don’t worry. He’s not the subject of this post. Mostly because he would hate to be the subject of this post. Or any post. Seriously. Don’t go there; you’ll get me in trouble.) So, anyway, I was distracted.… Read more
kiss and make-up 1

A kiss is a lovely thing

So far on my quest to beckon the lovely, I’ve made a grand entrance, made a friend, and made something pretty. Today… Kiss makeup! What? Oh, right it was “kiss AND make up.” Well, what can I can I say? I didn’t piss anyone off last week, so there was no need to kiss and make up. I know. It doesn’t quite rise to the level of “lovely” but it’s fun, and hopefully it made you laugh.… Read more
pretty sunday -sm

Make Something Pretty

It’s Monday… must be time to beckon the lovely! This week’s assignment was to make something pretty, and I decided to make a pretty Sunday – the day (not the dessert). Here’s the recipe. 1 pretty blue sky (pretty tree optional) 1 pretty latte (this one is from Panama Red, the coffee shop on my 3/50 list) 1 book (or newspaper) to read while sipping (outside of course, under that blue sky) 1 walk around town (cute walking partner optional, but highly recommended) 1 fountain (if this ingredient is unavailable, replace it with an organ grinder’s monkey – that’s what I was really hoping for) 1 art project (I decided to change Lexi’s plain water dish into something pretty… the result is at the end of this post) 2 cucumber martinis (and someone to toast with) Plus an awesome dinner with people you love.… Read more
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