Make Do With What You Have

It’s Monday and today’s “Beckoning The Lovely” post begins with a disclaimer. Last week I was more than a little distracted because my father had surgery. (He’ll be fine, don’t worry. He’s not the subject of this post. Mostly because he would hate to be the subject of this post. Or any post. Seriously. Don’t go there; you’ll get me in trouble.) So, anyway, I was distracted.… Read more
kiss and make-up 1

A kiss is a lovely thing

So far on my quest to beckon the lovely, I’ve made a grand entrance, made a friend, and made something pretty. Today… Kiss makeup! What? Oh, right it was “kiss AND make up.” Well, what can I can I say? I didn’t piss anyone off last week, so there was no need to kiss and make up. I know. It doesn’t quite rise to the level of “lovely” but it’s fun, and hopefully it made you laugh.… Read more
pretty sunday -sm

Make Something Pretty

It’s Monday… must be time to beckon the lovely! This week’s assignment was to make something pretty, and I decided to make a pretty Sunday – the day (not the dessert). Here’s the recipe. 1 pretty blue sky (pretty tree optional) 1 pretty latte (this one is from Panama Red, the coffee shop on my 3/50 list) 1 book (or newspaper) to read while sipping (outside of course, under that blue sky) 1 walk around town (cute walking partner optional, but highly recommended) 1 fountain (if this ingredient is unavailable, replace it with an organ grinder’s monkey – that’s what I was really hoping for) 1 art project (I decided to change Lexi’s plain water dish into something pretty… the result is at the end of this post) 2 cucumber martinis (and someone to toast with) Plus an awesome dinner with people you love.… Read more
SpongeBob is adorable, but is it me, or does squidward look like a cartoony lech?

Make A Friend

About a week ago, I posted Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s wonderful video, The Beckoning of Lovely, in which Amy, along with hundreds of people who accepted her You Tube invitation to create something cool together, did just that. In fact they made 12 cool things. After watching The Beckoning of Lovely, I was inspired. I decided to create the same 12 cool things myself, and share them here on Zebra Sounds every Monday.… Read more

Make A Grand Entrance

As promised… Here it is… My first Lovely Thing…  Make A Grand Entrance! x I have to admit that the actual act of Lexi entering lacked the joyful exuberance I was hoping for, especially considering the big ol’ ham bone we’d put on the floor in the dining room. (Full of herself as Director, J swears never to work with animals again!) But I did make her doggy door grander than it has ever been, complete with a red yarn curtain (which is as close as I could come on short notice to a red carpet).… Read more

Beckoning my lovely

Once upon a time, I watched The Beckoning of Lovely, a video in which writer Amy Krouse Rosenthal (along with hundreds of curious and creative souls), makes twelve lovely things. It sounds weird, but go watch it. It’s soul-filling. I decided I would make the same twelve lovely things my way… and blog about it of course. Here are the posts.… Read more
Few things make me happier than being quoted, but please remember to link with love.
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