The poetry of it all

In case you missed the big news, my friend, the staggeringly talented Julia Fehrenbacher is publishing her first book of original poetry and art. It’s called On The Other Side of Fear, and it’s absolutely beautiful. The poetry is honest, searching and inspiring. In it, Julia speaks of fear and power, hesitance and flight, creativity and, of course, love. Her art is vivid and whimsical (and it’s quite possible I will eventually cover all the walls of my house with it).… Read more

The Creativity Interviews: Poet, Samantha Reynolds

As part of my ongoing quest to explore what it means to live a creative life, I periodically invite kickass creatives to answer five questions about creativity. This week we’re starting something new. My interviewee turns the tables and asks you a question. (It’s a good one, and there’s a giveaway. Wait ’till you see!) Today’s episode: Deadlines, grocery stores, unreasonable amounts of love… and a BIG giveaway I’m excited (and a little starstruck) to be interviewing Samantha Reynolds, aka, Bentlily.… Read more

A many-splendored thing

I’ve been writing all weekend. And before that, all week, and before that, the Love Essays… and now, after a half an hour spent staring at this screen, I’m giving up on the idea that I might share something profound here (and by profound, I mean coherent.) I’m turning to you instead. Inviting you to play with me – deeply or lightly, comically or dead serious, in one word or one hundred, poetic or plain or sweet or raw… fill in the blank (and feed my weary soul).… Read more

Kind and loving and creative

You can’t control what other people think about your art. Think about the part of yourself that you can control, which is your ability to be kind and loving and creative. ~ Ann Patchett, Yoga Journal I love this quote. I read it before releasing the Love Essays and I’ve held fast to it ever since. (Though let me just say your response has been so generous, I haven’t felt stressed so much as insanely grateful… and completely, sweetly undone.) Then, over the weekend, in my mailbox, I got the kind, loving and creative package pictured above, and I knew I was holding in my hand the perfect image for what I already felt was a perfect quote.… Read more

Not just any hearts

We were writing to confront what Faulkner called “the human heart in conflict with itself.” And not just any hearts. Our hearts. ~ Steve Almond ~~~~~ I’ve been walking around in a daze since releasing The Love Essays, humbled by the heartfelt, thoughtful responses and, honestly, a bit adrift now that the work is done. I miss them, the essays; I miss the work of them… and not for the reasons I thought I would.… Read more

The Creativity Interviews: Singer-songwriter, Juliana Finch

As part of my ongoing quest to explore what it means to live a creative life, I periodically corner unsuspecting (but very kickass) creatives (writers, musicians, artists, photographers) and browbeat beg invite them to answer five questions about creativity. The questions are always  the same (except for the last one, where my list of building materials varies). The answers, of course, are different every time (and fun and funny and insightful and honest).… Read more

Embrace the messy

… Because love is rarely neat and if it were, if it fit nicely within a single set of rules, if it were easy and predictable and it never scared the hell out of us or embarrassed us or cracked us open or filled us up… if it were always clear and never mysterious, always manageable and never out of control… if it were unfailingly beautiful and appropriate and acceptable according to some agreed upon standard by which we might measure the beauty and appropriateness and acceptability of a thing as big and wild as love… then we wouldn’t pine for it like we do.… Read more
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