Embrace the messy

… Because love is rarely neat and if it were, if it fit nicely within a single set of rules, if it were easy and predictable and it never scared the hell out of us or embarrassed us or cracked us open or filled us up… if it were always clear and never mysterious, always manageable and never out of control… if it were unfailingly beautiful and appropriate and acceptable according to some agreed upon standard by which we might measure the beauty and appropriateness and acceptability of a thing as big and wild as love… then we wouldn’t pine for it like we do.… Read more

The Creativity Interviews: Writer, Annie Neugebauer

I’m starting something new here, and I’m really excited about it. It’s called The Creativity Questions and my idea is this: I will periodically hypnotize invite kickass creatives (writers, musicians, artists, photographers) to answer five questions about the decidedly tawdry mating habits of fruit bats creativity. The questions will always be the same, but the answers, of course, will be different every time (and fun and funny and insightful and honest).… Read more

The tongues

Photo by edikenkoyon on Flickr. The first boy I ever loved was named Bobby. I tried to keep it a secret, but I guess my adoration was obvious. His last name was Crudo and on the playground, I plugged my ears to taunts of “Judo Crudo,” but I was only pretending to be bothered. In first grade, I was a gangly, freckled, bookwormy redhead; I’d been called much worse.… Read more

Getting all grand and everything

I absolutely ADORE the idea of doing something in grand fashion. What would my day look like if I expected things to happen in a grand fashion? Or if I took steps to make them that way? ~ Havi Brooks, The Fluent Self ~~~~~ In the midst of some really exciting things, some of which will be unveiled here soon (in grand fashion, of course).… Read more

Love + creativity = breakthrough

Over the weekend I read “34 Things I’ve Learned About Life And Adventure,” by Chris Guillebeau, in which he said: “When in doubt about the next step, help someone and make something.” The whole post is full of inspiring, useable advice, but that particular thing…  that one lit me up inside. Deciding to “help someone,” consciously, generously and without expectation, plants you squarely in a place of love.… Read more

Our crunchy stories

I can’t decide which post I want to write – the one about perfectionism, the one about getting naked, or the one about handling criticism. All three have been on my mind lately, rumbling around in my brain, writing themselves in my head when I’m driving, or in the shower, or on the phone so I can’t stop easily to get my thoughts down on paper.… Read more

No need to solve for X

When my friend, Annika Martins invited me to join her blog crawl in celebration of her coming-soon new website, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. For one thing, I’m crazy about Annika. For another, I’m truly excited about her new direction, her plans for the future and her hellbent northiness. I’d have said yes anyway, but then she told me what the blog crawl question was, and the deal was sealed.… Read more
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