On last week’s Friday List, I included the story tweeted by Annie Q. Syed about a couple she met on the subway celebrating their 69th wedding anniversary. Her account of their meeting is touching and funny and sweet and inspiring. At one point, the husband, asked why so many relationships fail these days, says, “You gotta DO something with love. Love DOES.” Love DOES.… Read more

My Moment of Doubt

I’ve been wanting to say something about the shooting in Arizona, but what do you say about a senseless act? That it was senseless? Horrific? Insane? That I’m sorry and dispirited and sad? It is. I am. I could talk about gun control, I guess. I have strong feelings about it, but that’s not the part that’s been eating at me, and it’s a little like talking about abortion or the death penalty.… Read more

A Year of Loving Fearlessly

Here is the story of how a great, big fat fun, awesome (j) idea gets born… Once upon a time, I was sitting in a Peet’s writing my review of Julie Klam’s book, YOU HAD ME AT WOOF, while waiting for The Boy (who was playing D&D with his insanely smart, geeky, nerdy friends who live 45 minutes away from us).… Read more

The Green Box

On the street where I grew up, between the McKeans’ driveway and the Garnsey’s, there was a green box – about three feet high, four feet across, and made of metal. I don’t know what it housed – electrical wiring, telephone circuitry, the secrets of the universe… What I remember about it is how it felt to hop on top of it, how the metal, warmed by the sun, felt good under my legs.… Read more

Three Things I’ve Learned About Leaping

Many times in this blog I’ve talked about how much of a roller coaster the past year or so has been for me. In a recent post I wrote this: A little over a year ago, I made a conscious decision to leap – personally and professionally, as often as possible – trusting the net would appear. I didn’t do it because of my unflappable self-confidence or the clarity of my life vision; I didn’t (and don’t) have either.… Read more

You Are (here)

This week I discovered a blog (and website and mindset) that I just love, called kind over matter. This post, Tell Someone You Are, charmed me (click it, it’ll take you a few seconds to read), and the photo, by pominoz, completely captured my imagination. For the last few weeks, I’ve been wrestling with questions of identity and direction, struggling with boundaries and demons I thought I’d banished.… Read more

Big and Messy

A mother will sacrifice her own happiness in her life to ensure her children are well taken care of! ♥ I would make every sacrifice in the world for my children, They come first! ♥ They always have and always will (no matter how old they are!) ♥ Put this as your status if you’re a devoted mom who will always puts your ……children first :) I copied that from somebody’s status on Facebook.… Read more


For a while – several days – I thought I’d lost my wedding ring. I eventually found it, but while I was ringless, I discussed the situation with a friend. She was dismayed, at first by the possibility that I’d lost my ring, and then by my lack of concern. “It’s your wedding ring,” she said, as if maybe I’d missed the most significant detail of my own story.… Read more

Moving On

It’s March. Time for me to try something new. Literally. At least for March (and  maybe longer) I’m going to, each week, try something new. It might be something I’ve never done before, a food I’ve never eaten, a place I’ve never been, but every week, it’ll be something (with pictures if at all possible). I’m excited. And I’m up for suggestions if you have some.… Read more

It’s Easy

I lied. The word today is one of the ones I said I wouldn’t do, but it’s been on my mind all week for a lot of reasons. And that’s okay… because, of course, it’s all you need.… Read more
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