Ten things I’m thankful for

Sharpies… seriously. Chad’s laugh (especially in person). Trails, the actual ones and the metaphorical kind too. My yoga mat (and all the stuff I’ve learned to do and be when I’m on it). Writers braver than I am. Words… and all that they make possible. My freckled, flawed and utterly amazing body. Ian (my GPS). All the openhearted, honest, generous, smart, daring, there-for-me badasses in my life.… Read more

A site by any other name

I’m so excited to finally be launching (and not just because I have no more hair to pull out). I’ve put a lot of work into building this site because I never want to change URLs again. EVER. (Which means, it’s true, I’ve given up the dream of one day changing my name to Lilian Nancy Magill.) But that’s okay because I love it here.… Read more

Love the one you’re with

This is taken from Week 50 of the “52 Weeks: 52 Ways to Love Your (Wild) Self” e-guide. “True confessions: It makes me crazy when people I’m with interrupt our conversation to engage with their cell phones. One of the reasons that I don’t have a smart phone is because I think it might turn me into someone who does that.… Read more

Voodoo math

I posted on Facebook a conversation The Boy and I had, and two friends suggested I doodle a comic out of it. They didn’t say, in so many words, that I should post it on the internet for the world to see, but I knew that’s what they meant. Secretly. In their heart of hearts. So here it is! (If you’re feeling brave, you can friend me on Facebook to read my silliness as it happens.)… Read more

The Creativity Interviews: Filmmaker, Michael Maren

As part of my ongoing quest to explore what it means to live a creative life, I periodically invite kickass creatives to come play with us on Zebra Sounds. First, I ask them five questions about creativity, and then they get to ask you something… … and that’s when the real fun (and wild generosity) begins. Today’s episode… Creative liberation, bad sitcoms, a short history of decay… and another GREAT giveaway!… Read more

Manifesto love: three manifestos for creatives

I love manifestos. I love the certainty of them, the optimism of writing out your aspirations as faits accomplis, the boldness of life plans deeply rooted in personal values. I’ve been collecting them for a while in a file called Badass Manifestos, and I’ve decided to start sharing them periodically as inspiration, reminders of what we can do when we simply decide to.… Read more

The people I’m imagining

  1. I’ve been undone by the story of writer Patti Digh and her husband, John, recently diagnosed with kidney cancer. Uninsured through an employer and unable to afford the exorbitant premiums of private health insurance, they faced not only the terrifying diagnosis itself, but also the mind numbing, gut wrenching question of how they could ever hope to afford treatment.… Read more
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