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Looking back on a year of fearless love

In January last year, because I needed to believe in the power we all have to touch and lift and heal each other, I declared 2011 my year of loving fearlessly. In July, half way through my love project, I made a list of things I’d learned so far. Now, sitting here on the other end of my big, crazy, year-long experiment, I’m daunted by the thought of trying to summarize it for you.… Read more

A dozen different versions of me

I’m becoming a fan of “the pause.” Between notes and pages and words and breaths, between thought and voice, between action and reaction. In that momentary stillness, in that space between before and after, there is possibility, a  myriad of paths that can be taken, a dozen different versions of me. I’m not good at the pause. That’s what I’ve realized about myself.… Read more


This week, I got some loving, well-intentioned, unsolicited advice. At the heart of a longer message was this: “Love more, j,” with the clear implication that I was,  perhaps, not being open to the very love for which I’ve spent almost a year advocating. My first reaction was to feel blindsided. My second was to become angry and defensive. My third reaction brought me here, to this post, to deal directly with something I’ve been writing all around, because I think it’s important.… Read more

Is friendship an art?

I read this post about why a “No” friend is the best friend quite some time ago, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Nina Badzin makes the point that there is value in having friends who will tell you when you’re being ridiculous, when you’ve lost sight of your north, when you’re just plain wrong. I completely agree. And yet… Where does the honesty line get drawn?… Read more

Fierce In Pink: a love letter

I’m writing love letters in October. Every Monday, I post one here… ~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Impossibly Beautiful Golden Haired Girl in the Pink Leggings and Hello Kitty Top, Your laughter, adorable and fierce, catches me off guard. I turn to find the source and there you are. Know this: there are few things more dazzling than your wild run across this park’s green expanse, hair catching sunlight, thin legs pumping, arms flung out as you dive onto the Nerf football everyone wants.… Read more

The best love

According to the Love Project’s big, fat master plan, September was The Month of Seeing. All month I focused on making the most of my day-to-day interactions with strangers. In stores, in restaurants, at Starbucks and the library, I made eye contact. I smiled. I engaged people in conversation, asking questions, listening to their answers, sharing little bits of myself. More than once, I walked away laughing.… Read more

My religion

My religion doesn’t involve a church or a minister or a pulpit; it’s practiced under a roof of sky, whispered by the wind, preached by birds and crickets and rivers and toads. * My religion isn’t written in scripture; it’s written in the hearts of lovers and parents and artists and everyone who, broken from the weight of too many endings, gets back up to love again.… Read more


Last week, I participated in Kellie Walker’s twitter chat. She holds one every Wednesday, and she covers some pretty weighty topics like fear, acceptance, forgiveness.  Last week’s chat was on betrayal. I arrived about 20 minutes late and had to scroll through what had been said. I was surprised at how out of sync I felt with the comments. So out of sync, I couldn’t quite figure out how to contribute to the conversation.… Read more

In each other’s hands

Yoga teaches that everything is connected. Movement influences breath; breath influences the mind. What we eat affects our bodies and our moods. Our thoughts, words, and deeds shape those around us. Life, in essence, is a series of ripple effects. ~ Anna Dubrovsky, Yoga Journal, May 2011 I love this quote. I believe it, now more than ever before. Whenever I get asked about the Love Project, I tell the story about how it all began, with a simple gesture that came just when I needed it.… Read more

Crazy Beautiful

I lost a batch of pictures from my vacation – all from the first day. I suspect something went wrong in the upload and, without realizing that, I deleted them from the camera. They’re the least painful ones to lose – pictures of our CRV holding all it can, bikes strapped to the back, boxes on top; snapshots taken on the drive up to Humboldt; our arrival.… Read more

Halfway Through A Year Of Fearless Love

It’s July, and I’m officially more than halfway through my year of loving fearlessly. A list is in order! Things the Love Project has taught me so far… Love is everywhere. Hate is too. And cynicism, and prejudice, and greed, and cruelty. It’s all out there. In the gigantic, messy spectrum of human experience, ugliness is as easy to find as beauty; rudeness and intolerance as prevalent as kindness and generosity.… Read more
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