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A love letter to the fiercely optimistic

It’s not easy to be optimistic these days. If you’re awake, if you’re paying attention at all, it’s hard to find beauty in the midst of so much violence, ugliness, intolerance, and apathy. It’s hard to believe in the goodness of humanity when so much badness is on display. But some of you do, every day, and not by sticking your head in the sand.… Read more

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Fierce In Pink: a love letter

I’m writing love letters in October. Every Monday, I post one here…
Dear Impossibly Beautiful Golden Haired Girl in the Pink Leggings and Hello Kitty Top,
Your laughter, adorable and fierce, catches me off guard. I turn to find the source and there you are. Know this: there are few things more dazzling than your wild run across this park’s green expanse, hair catching sunlight, thin legs pumping, arms flung out as you dive onto the Nerf football everyone wants.… Read more

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Dear j…

At Zebra Sounds, we’re dedicating May to exuberant, heartfelt, sing loud – dance wild, revel-in-your-one-precious-life self-love. Last Monday, to counteract all the negative shit we tell ourselves daily, I suggested we write ourselves love letters.
When I sat down to write mine, I expected to feel awkward and self-conscious. I thought it would be hard to talk to myself nicely, but it wasn’t.… Read more

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