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Dreams like geese

I’m daring to believe
that my dreams
(especially the one that’s scary to say aloud
even as it squawks and honks and soars inside me
like some kind of crazed, wild goose)
are not only possible, but meant to be.
I’m daring to believe that it’s destiny -
all this commotion in my heart -
and that maybe squawking goose-like dreams
are the most likely dreams of all to come true.… Read more

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Me, the universe, and Javier Bardem

In September, I took Andrea Scher’s wonderful online class, Mondo Beyondo, which is all about dreaming BIG and then making your big dreams come true. I took it in part because the day after I subscribed to her blog, Andrea ran a sale, offering all her classes for about 60% off their original price. It seemed like a sign, so I enrolled, not knowing what to expect but knowing that  my dreams (and the way I think of myself as an artist) had changed dramatically over the past year.… Read more

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