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Me, in chaps

This is what my last two weeks have looked like:
My mom fell and broke her hip. But then, the next day, they rebuilt her, made her better than she was before: better, stronger, faster.

Okay, not really, but they did put a fancy pin in her hip. This is her surgeon’s (impressively doodly) whiteboard rendition:

Meanwhile, one of my best friends, who I haven’t seen in person for four years, was flying out to visit all the way from New Jersey.… Read more

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Obscure word doodle #5

This week’s obscure word is old and has fallen out of use, but I think we should bring it back, if only for the sake of our dogs. Their talent, as it turns out, has a name!

And, bonus! Here is the recipe for my favorite vegetarian burger, which I make all the time. It is totally grokable.
In case you missed it, I designed a line of hand-lettered birthday cards featuring famous people’s words on aging.… Read more

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Obscure word doodle #4

It’s time for an obscure word doodle!
Who knew there was a word that means “people who never laugh”? I did not. Maybe that’s because I’ve never actually met anyone who doesn’t laugh.
I think that’s a good thing.

Curious how to say it? So was I.
If you happen to know any agelasts, I’d love to hear about them. Have you given up trying to break them, or do you tell jokes relentlessly in their presence?… Read more

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Like sign posts

So, I’ve had some life events recently.
I think that term is funny. Aren’t all events, by definition, “life events”? That said, there are some that signal new chapters in the lives of their participants, and I’ve been having those kind. My daily landscape has changed, and while not all the changes are bad, they are all significant. I’m navigating some new terrain, and that can be unsettling, even under the best of circumstances.… Read more

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What 30 days of (relentless) creation taught me

So, I’m now officially on the other side of my 30-day challenge to create something new every day, and… wow! That was amazing. Of all my 30-day challenges, this was the most fun, the most frenetic, the most exhilarating, and the most fruitful.
I took the challenge very seriously, and only twice did I double up after having missed a day.… Read more

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Superpower blues

I’m in a playful mood because tomorrow we leave for four days of camping in Shasta. Four days isn’t nearly long enough, but it’s what we could manage this year… and it’s way more than zero days, which is what I thought we were going to get, so I’m happy.
And in the mood for shenanigans.
Last weekend my husband and I were sitting out on the patio at a friend’s house.… Read more

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Coffee shop couple

More and more, I find myself wanting to work at the intersection of my two passions – writing and doodling. I’ve been playing in the sandbox a bit already, with my cards, Obscure Word Doodles and illustrated posts, but I’m feeling a need to push myself a little harder so I’m starting a new series on the blog called “Coffee Shop Moments.”
For a while now, I’ve been posting on Facebook the really cool little moments that I often witness when I’m writing in coffee shops.… Read more

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A big, little request. And also… my take on fashion.

I have a 1-minute favor to ask of you.
The Boy made a 56-second video for Bridgestone’s “Teens Drive Smart” video scholarship contest. Out of over 1800 submissions, his video, “Rules of the Road,” made the top 10! Now all ten finalists have been posted, and for another week and a half, people can vote for their favorite ones. The three top vote-getters will be sent to a panel of judges for ranking, first, second, and third.… Read more

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A controlled burn

Last week, I wrote about my decision to burn my journals. The conversation that emerged from that post here and on Facebook was wonderful – people on both sides of the journal-burning divide explaining their point of view… which in the end is the only point of view that matters.
This week, I decided to illustrate what the burning was like for me because, well, you know how I am.… Read more

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Obscure word doodle #3

My friend, Christie, shared with me today’s obscure word from the Facebook wall of Elizabeth Gilbert. The word is sitzfleisch, and I don’t know if it’s obscure so much as German, but I’d never heard it before, and I love it (and that might just be the unofficial criteria for making it into the Obscure Word Doodles project).
Sitzfleish is actually the combination of two German words: sitzen (to sit) + Fleisch (flesh).… Read more

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Bibliophile in the real world

I had an appointment at the doctor to go over some blood work results. I was running late, but making up for it by driving way too fast all the way there. Speed Racer that I am, I walked through the door at exactly the appointed time. The receptionist smiled, said hello, and told me they were running a little late.… Read more

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