Best costume ever?

I love Halloween because I love being spooked. I love jack-o-lanterns and zombies and trick-or-treaters. I love ghost stories and goosebumps, and I think bats are fantastical, skittering miracles of nature.
What I don’t like is dressing up.
I know that’s weird; dressing up is what the holiday’s all about. I’m not sure why it makes me uncomfortable but it always has, even as a kid.… Read more

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Finding your creative groove

Every artist I know occasionally suffers from creative block. For me, it happens more with writing than anything else, sometimes even when I know exactly what I’m sitting down to write about. There are few things more frustrating than having the time and the energy, but no words… staring at a screen as blank as my mind. Well, blank except for the impatient blinking cursor (who only blinks because he lacks feet to tap, fingers to drum, eyes to roll…).… Read more

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The anatomy of ripples

The thing about ripples is that they happen all the time, invisibly, carrying our actions, our words, our art far beyond what we can see or even imagine.… Read more

This summer, sitting in my car at a red light, I witnessed something ordinary and beautiful. We were in the midst of a heat wave. For about a week, we’d had triple-digit temperatures, and though I wasn’t bothered – I love heat – all around me people were cranky, nerves were frayed.

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Considering the source

In the comment thread of last week’s post, “The art of acceptance,” someone wrote about the harsh criticism she was receiving from a coworker. Within the context of acceptance, she wrote:

I can choose to be in that small quiet room, and believe that someone else’s issue with me does not define me or even describe me, and I can choose to be accepting of the moment, without accepting the condemnation.… Read more

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The art of acceptance

I’m not very good at acceptance. I’m one who has made a practice of swimming against the tide.
The good news is that my unwillingness to accept (or “settle” as I often think of it) stems from my firm belief that I’m in the driver’s seat of my life, that if I don’t like the circumstances I find myself in, I can change them.… Read more

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Obscure word doodle #4

It’s time for an obscure word doodle!
Who knew there was a word that means “people who never laugh”? I did not. Maybe that’s because I’ve never actually met anyone who doesn’t laugh.
I think that’s a good thing.

Curious how to say it? So was I.
If you happen to know any agelasts, I’d love to hear about them. Have you given up trying to break them, or do you tell jokes relentlessly in their presence?… Read more

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Like sign posts

So, I’ve had some life events recently.
I think that term is funny. Aren’t all events, by definition, “life events”? That said, there are some that signal new chapters in the lives of their participants, and I’ve been having those kind. My daily landscape has changed, and while not all the changes are bad, they are all significant. I’m navigating some new terrain, and that can be unsettling, even under the best of circumstances.… Read more

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Road trip moments

Two weeks ago I dropped The Boy off at college, after a four-day road trip that was stressful, emotionally thorny, physically draining, and one of the best ideas I’ve ever had. I wrote about it here, on Huffington Post.
HuffPo has a word-count limit though, so I wasn’t able to include everything.
For instance, I had to leave out the time we watched 20 or so Harley Davidson riders, driving in pairs.… Read more

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What 30 days of (relentless) creation taught me

So, I’m now officially on the other side of my 30-day challenge to create something new every day, and… wow! That was amazing. Of all my 30-day challenges, this was the most fun, the most frenetic, the most exhilarating, and the most fruitful.
I took the challenge very seriously, and only twice did I double up after having missed a day.… Read more

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Unplugged zealot

So, I’m back home after four days of camping, and because it had been so long since we’d camped (3 years), we were a little out of practice. At some point, the sheer volume of things we forgot to pack – food items, tools, shoes, a sleeping bag, a toothbrush, a comb and bug spray, to name a few -  became comical.… Read more

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Superpower blues

I’m in a playful mood because tomorrow we leave for four days of camping in Shasta. Four days isn’t nearly long enough, but it’s what we could manage this year… and it’s way more than zero days, which is what I thought we were going to get, so I’m happy.
And in the mood for shenanigans.
Last weekend my husband and I were sitting out on the patio at a friend’s house.… Read more

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